Recent Before & After Photos

Brattleboro Loses the Battle with Mold

The mold infestations spread throughout the walls, ceiling, and the stairway area of this vacant house in Brattleboro. The bank commissioned us to do a comprehe... READ MORE

Storm Water Intrusion Damages this Brattleboro Business

The rainwater, fortunately not contaminated from sewage or environmental chemicals, doused the carpet, and the lower section of the walls in several offices. Th... READ MORE

VT Smoke Damage Cleaning in a Bathroom

Smoke circulated from the hallway fire into this bathroom in a VT home. The Before Photo illustrates the layers of smoke coating the tile, flooring, and the whi... READ MORE

White River Junction Cleanup of a Mold Problem

The before photo illustrates spreading mold colonies in an attic in White River Junction. The rafters, roof sheathing, and even the gable end OSB, oriented stra... READ MORE

Mold Infestation in Brattleboro

Sump pumps often malfunction leading to a buildup of water and moisture. When a utility closet encloses the mechanism, the black mold visible on the walls can o... READ MORE

Water Damage at the Ski House

Traveling to the ski area is a great way to escape the everyday hustle and bustle during the Winter season. This is especially true when you have a home or dwel... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

SERVPRO is a national leader in emergency response for fire and water cleanup and restoration. SERVPRO specializes in not only residential homes but commercial ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Southern Vermont

This was a fire in an apartment building is Southern, VT. The fire affected multiple units within the building. The scope of our cleanup focused primarily on th... READ MORE

Flooded Finished Basement in Southern Vermont

This is a water damage in Southern, VT. It was caused by a frozen pipe, due to subzero temperatures. The severe water damage affected all of the first floor and... READ MORE

Air Duct Cleaning

What's lurking in your ducts? Here is a good example of what you may find if they haven't been cleaned recently. A dirty ventilation system can circulate odors,... READ MORE